Canadian Border Opening Announcement

Attention all MOMC members, Canada will be open for fishing as of August 9, 2021 per the official Canadian post.  Beginning August 9th the MOMC will once again recognize fish caught in Canadian waters.  Our minimum tournament requirements will return to 52 inches or 30 pounds.

Please follow all Canadian laws and don’t forget your Canadian fishing licenses!

Government of Canada Travel Advisory

What Is M.O.M.C.?

The Michigan-Ontario Muskie Club (M.O.M.C) was founded in 1956 by a group of Lake St. Clair Muskie fishing enthusiasts, which included Joe LePage and Homer LeBlanc. It was created to provide a forum for Muskie fisherman of all skill levels to come together and enjoy Muskie fishing…A statement which the M.O.M.C. still values today.

The M.O.M.C. is dedicated to the sport of Muskie fishing, striving to provide our members both fun and rewarding experiences. Our members practice Catch and Release, and have an astonishing 99.9% release to harvest ratio.

Upcoming Fishing Events


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  • For monthly tournaments, there will be a 6 PM Friday cut off for boats entering in the side bets. Guest can be entered through the weekend. You must show a copy of your receipt to the weighmaster if you are a late entry or guest. If the guest has not paid, they must immediately pay the weighmaster before any fish is weighed in.
  • We are re-implementing the 5% PayPal and credit card convenience cost.
  • Please do your best in bringing in all weighable fish as soon as possible. Please keep the health of the fish in mind. We understand how hectic tournament days are with many fish coming in. Holding a fish works both ways. It could save them a trip in but it could also cause a trip in for a fish that is already beat in your tank. Please use your best judgment in keeping tournament fish healthy.