About Us

Who We Are

The Michigan-Ontario Muskie Club (M.O.M.C) was founded in 1956 by a group of Lake St. Clair Muskie fishing enthusiasts, which included Joe LePage and Homer LeBlanc. It was created to provide a forum for Muskie fisherman of all skill levels to come together and enjoy Muskie fishing…A statement which the M.O.M.C. still values today.

The M.O.M.C. is dedicated to the sport of Muskie fishing, striving to provide our members both fun and rewarding experiences. Our members practice Catch and Release, and have an astonishing 99.9% release to harvest ratio.

The M.O.M.C. develops and supports activities in education, conservation, recognition and community service.  We have programs to recognize individual efforts such as True Trophy Release, the Thirty-five Pound Club, the Forty Pound Club, and Top 5s. The M.O.M.C. also hosts an annual Charity Muskie Derby to raise proceeds for the Michigan Special Olympics, and is an affiliate of the Michigan United Conservation Club.

It is the club’s goal to provide members with opportunity for fun and rewarding experience. The M.O.M.C. is a club whose members are proud to belong to, and which sets the standard by which other fishing organizations measure themselves.

Catch And Release

We support catch and release!

Catch and Release – After catching, the fish are released back into the water before they are totally exhausted or critically injured.